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About Sai Krishna Foods

In 2017, when the couple, Raman & Shikha Sobti, migrated to Moncton from Dubai after living there for 13 years, they were unaware what is conserved in the destiny for them. While living and working in Moncton, Raman was doing his market analysis at the same time and he quickly realized that authentic handmade North Indian Samosas would be a niche product for this market. Raman, coming from a typical North Indian Punjabi family, back home where samosa is one of the favorite appetizers to go with the evening tea while bonding with friends and family, he was determined to have people to eat and feel the authentic taste of his homeland and thus while still working with Delta Beausejour, he made 200 handmade samosas to be sold at one of the farmer markets and they all got sold in a day. Making of those 200 samosas and frying them in his house garage, there was no looking back for the couple after that as in the first two years of their business establishment they sold over 50,000 samosas. While Shikha was still in shock as she couldn’t believe the love for their samosas in a small city of Canada, Raman was very confident of his exceptional taste, texture and authenticity of his samosas.
Chef Raman Sobti
Today in just a span of 2 years of their business establishment, they have become a favored wholesale manufacturer and distributor with hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, universities and deli businesses in all cities of New Brunswick and with a rapid expansion plans, they have a dream to be the biggest supplier of authentic handmade samosas in entire Canada and their team is working day and night to accomplish this goal.

‘Sai Krishna’ is inspired by the names of Hindu Lords symbolizes loyalty, passion and devotion which are the core values of our business.

His exceptional cooking is complemented and mirrored perfectly in the top-notch client relationship and management service offered by his wife, Mrs. Shikha Sobti. Coming from a Hotel Management and Master’s in HR background with an experience of front-end client servicing with some of the biggest names in the industry, she has the magic of providing a personal touch in all her interactions through her larger-than-life personality and an inherent goodness of heart. She understands the requirements of a good professional relationship and ensures that all your needs are met before they even arise.


  • Superior quality of food.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Incomparable customer service.
Chef Raman Sobti and Shikha Sobti

Lines of Our Business


  Direct factory food pick-up
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  Bulk packaging
  Suitable for Supermarkets, Groceries, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Universities, Food trucks, Farmer Markets, Deli Businesses, Hospitals, etc.